Suz Redfearn

Suz Redfearn

Writer, editor, photographer.

I write news and features about health care, research, and business, features on fun things like golden retriever festivals, and essays about matters like my open adoptions. I also edit.

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The Huffington Post

Goldstock: 400 Golden Retrievers Gather for One Weekend

Close your eyes and picture the smiling, fluffy bundle of mirth that is a golden retriever. Now picture 400 golden retrievers galloping across grassy fields to a long dock jutting into quiet lake and each dog launching him or herself into the water w......

The Huffington Post

Can I Get a Granddad Up in Here?

I can't be alone in my yearning, can I? There have to be others who crave a sweet, old Paw Paw, too, and are wondering how to land one, for themselves or for their kids.......